Friday, February 17, 2017

DIY USA Map Wall Hanging

Who loves a good scrap fabric project?  I'm game anytime there's a bazillion bits of fabric involved and this USA map wall hanging project is just that.  Collect your favorite small fabric pieces and make a beautiful, colorful wall hanging plus I added an extra personal touch:

diy usa map wall hanging

See those little red wood hearts?  I made this wall hanging for my mom's birthday and each of the hearts represents one of her kids.  I'm the oldest of 5 siblings and we are spread out all over the US so this little map wall hanging is a daily reminder of us kids.

diy usa map wall hanging

diy usa map wall hanging

I framed the wall hanging by sandwiching the fabric between two wood boards.  The wood also acts as a weight to keep the wall hanging flat.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Back Foyer Makeover

Popping in with a little back foyer makeover that's been long overdue since we moved in three and a half years ago.  First an after picture because we all love a finished beauty shot:

back foyer makeover

And the before:

farmhouse back foyer before

It's not all that bad right?  Plus it's a pass through space that is typically dark and no one really focuses on that area.  But it didn't feel connected to the rest of our house because it was neglected.  And I must admit I did add that clear glass dome light fixture when we first moved in (the previous owners removed their fixture and left it empty) but I think it was a rush decision on my part and never really felt like the right fit.

My husband despised the wallpaper and it was all ripped up and missing above the bathroom door (because the bathroom vent was never actually connected to the hose that takes the hot air outside - insert eye roll - I found this out when redoing my girls closet upstairs.  So every time someone took a shower all the steam poured out and magically removed the wallpaper.)  And the paint on the closet doors was peeling off because the prior painter didn't prep the doors properly.

back foyer wallpaper before

After a little elbow grease removing the wallpaper, installing board and batten trim and sanding and painting everything we have a fresh space that blends with our home:

Sunday, February 5, 2017

DIY Vanity Desk with Deep Drawers

No you are not seeing a repeat of the vanity desk build but rather a new and improved version with four small drawers and two deep drawers.  

Having two girls means I get to make a lot of projects twice, oh joy!  On the bright side whenever you have to make something more than once there is always room for improvement and that's why I'm sharing the modified plans for this desk.

diy vanity desk with deep drawers

I originally posted this diy vanity desk last June with it's fun modern hardware pulls built for my youngest daughter:

diy vanity desk with free plans

This past Fall I finally got around to making the second desk for my older daughter and decided having 8 small drawers wasn't working but rather we needed 4 small drawers and 2 deeper drawers for bigger items:

diy vanity desk with deep drawers

Plus visually I think having the larger drawers helps give weight to the design.  At any rate I actually stole 4 small drawers from desk #1 to use for desk #2 and modified the original desk adding 2 deep drawers on that one too. 

So now both girls have the same desk except different colored hardware pulls.  They're fun and most importantly functional for all their bits and pieces.

diy vanity desk with deep drawers

I have plans down below for the modification with the deep drawers.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

DIY Wood Cut Out Valentine Decor

It's the season of love and since I love working with wood I thought I'd make a wood cut out Valentine decoration.  A few hearts and the date complete this wood cut out decor: 

diy wood cut out valentine decor

I'm joining five other DIY bloggers today in sharing our hearts for the first annual Makers Heart Attack.

makers heart attack

Please feel free to join us on social media by tagging your heart projects with #makersheartattack and be sure to stop by my fellow blog friends to check out their creative heart projects:

So much heart goodness and fun ideas!  My creative heart is a scrap buster project so if you're hoarding left over off cuts then this Valentine decor is for you.  Below I will share the step by step process to create this wood cut out valentine decor and you can apply this method to any sign.

diy wood cut out valentine decor

I used a combination of my scroll saw and blade runner, which is similar to a jigsaw but stationary, to cut out the letters, numbers and shapes.  I love the way the 1/2" plywood pops off the board and creates dimension:

cut out wood shapes

Friday, January 27, 2017

DIY Mini Clipboard Valentines

I'm always on the prowl to make simple and easy valentines for my kids classmates and this year I decided on these mini clipboards.  They are a super simple DIY project that requires very little supplies and can be used later for a cute photo or other notepad paper.

diy mini clipboard valentines

Let's just say I'm definitely not the wittiest person so I came up with 'let's clip together' in reference to the binder clip.  But honestly I like to think of it as a play off of 'let's get together, yeah, yeah, yeah' -Hayley Mills was a favorite of mine growing up.

diy mini clipboard valentines

Back to the project.  This DIY mini clipboard valentine is perfect all by itself but you could add candy or a cute little paper pad or a fun photo.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

DIY Cut Out Pennants

Let's make cut out pennants with any word or letters you desire.  If you love using a jig saw and scroll saw then this project will be right up your alley.

diy cut out pennants

*This post is not sponsored by any of the company names you may see, I made those pennants as gifts.

I recently shared a peek of this project over on Instagram, be sure to follow me there for up to date ongoings and project snippets.  

And I would be remiss without sharing my inspiration for this project idea.  I was flipping through Country Living magazine and saw this wood pennant featured:

Pink Linen Designs on Etsy

Kait at Pink Linen Designs sells these wood pennants on her Etsy site here.  She has all sorts of words featured: names, states, sayings and I believe she will do custom pennants as well.  She uses a CNC machine to make her pennants however I don't have access to a CNC machine so I opted to make something similar using my scroll and jig saws.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

How to Reupholster a Wing Chair

They say the third time is the charm and I think that just might be the case with these wing chairs.  Today I will show you how to reupholster a wing chair and get professional looking results.

how to reupholster a wing chair

I've attempted reupholstering these wing chairs twice before and it wasn't until this third go around that I finally took the time to do it right.  (And now I'm kicking myself for not doing it right the first time!)  I believe time, energy and desire were on my side this time plus fabric selection matters and I picked a more appropriate fabric for this makeover.

how to reupholster a wing chair

Now I have two beautiful wing chairs that have been in my husband's family for a very long time and hopefully for many more years to come.

wing chair reupholstery

Monday, January 16, 2017

DIY Wood Quilt

Do you have scrap wood and scrap fabric coming out your eyeballs because you just can't bear to throw it out?  Guilty party here so I'm always looking for ways to combine wood and fabric and today I'm showing you how to make this diy wood quilt.

diy wood quilt using scrap fabric

I went with a simple diagonal pattern changing up the fabric for each row, the pattern possibilities are endless because we're working with squares.  Search online for 'quilt patterns using squares' and you'll find a bazillion combinations.

diy wood quilt

I made this wall decor wood quilt for my mother-in-law for her birthday and she happens to like purple and lilac colors so I pulled all different shades from my scrap fabric stash for this project.  

Using the fabrics I had on hand I altered the lights and darks as well as large patterns versus smaller scale patterns to keep the final piece interesting.

scrap wood and fabric wall quilt

All of the wood squares are attached to a plywood backing and then framed out in natural pine to complete the piece.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

DIY Mudroom Bins

Since everyone is getting organized it's the perfect time to post these DIY mudroom bins I just finished for a friend.  Her mudroom space is over the top gorgeous I must say and now with the monogrammed mudroom bins in their new homes it's completely beautiful!

diy monogrammed mudroom bins

I think as long as I have friends with mudrooms I'll be building mudroom bins.  Baskets work too but sometimes it can be difficult to find just the right size.  Building your own bins insures a custom fit and there is something special about having the individual monogram for each cubby.

diy monogrammed mudroom bins

These bins are rather large but they are meant for off season storage and rarely used items that can be put up and out of the way.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

DIY Mini State Pennants

Scroll saw wood cutting seems to be quite the trend these days so when I was planning my husband's 40th surprise birthday party I decided to make these mini state pennants as favors. 

diy mini state pennants

To be honest the party was in early December and I'm actually only just now sending out these favors  as part of a thank you card package because I was too sick to finish them in time for the party.

diy mini state pennants

You may recall I posted a sneak peek over on Instagram a few weeks back:

diy state pennants instagram

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

I Did It: Better Homes & Gardens Special Issue

It's not everyday my projects make it into a magazine so I just have to share the news!
Better Homes and Gardens has a new special issue called I Did It! full of real life projects from DIYers and my master bathroom renovation is featured!!!!!

All photos used with permission from Better Homes and Gardens® magazine. © 2016 Meredith Corporation. All rights reserved.

Flip to page 68 and you'll find a four page spread featuring my master bathroom renovation:

It's hard to imagine that beautiful wall mounted sink was once sitting curbside headed for the trash.  I documented the day I found the sink on Instagram:

I saved it (and it's sister) on a whim and had my then 8 year-old son help me load them into our minivan.  This sink weighs a ton and the original plumbing trap was still attached full of the worst smelling gunk you ever did see!  I drove home thinking I would love to use these sinks someday when the time is right.

That time came last spring when we finally renovated the master bathroom.  Dreams do come true and I'm so honored to be in the premier issue of I Did It! magazine.  A special thank you to everyone who contributed to this space and made this article possible.

Be sure to pick up your copy of I Did It! magazine January 2017 issue, it's filled with projects you can do and lots of my DIY blog friends too!

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

2016 Top 10 Builds (with free plans)

Every year I scroll back through the build category on this little old blog of mine and pick out the top projects, the ones I loved building and the ones that had the most reader love.

top 10 builds for 2016

In no specific order I present my top 10 builds from 2016:

1. Replica Vintage Shelving

diy replica vintage shelving free plans

Struck by a beautiful vintage piece posted by Miss Mustard Seed Marian on her Instagram feed we collaborated and I made a replica with free plans here.

diy vanity desk free plans

A desk for my girls with lots and lots of drawers and fun hardware pulls.  Get the plans here and I will be posting another version of this desk with larger drawers on the bottom soon.

diy recycling and storage tower

Making use of vertical space with this recycling and storage tower.  A link to the plans and more details are posted here.

diy modular sofa and ottoman free plans

This sofa and ottoman build uses hardware connectors for a strong and secure frame that's also easy to assemble.  Build to fit your cushions and space, free plans are here.

diy sink vanity free plans

Part of my Master Bathroom renovation, I found this wall mounted sink curbside and knew I wanted it in the bathroom however I also wanted and needed counterspace, storage and a way to conceal the pipes.  The free plans are here and easy to adjust to your needs.

diy 16 drawer dresser free plans

Drawers, drawers and more drawers!  I love having a spot to store all the craft papers and little bits.  This would also be great for socks and undies, hair accessories, etc.  Free plans here.

diy entryway bench free plans

A very simple bench that makes a great addition to an entry, dining room or anywhere you need extra seating.  Free plans are posted here along with more photos.

diy small dining room sideboard

A small sideboard for those of us with small spaces to decorate.  Small but mighty purposeful with three drawers for linen storage and plenty of counterspace.  Plans here using standard lumber.

diy outdoor cabana lounge

A big fun build for outdoors, last summer I made this outdoor cabana lounge structure.  I teamed up with Ana White on this beast to make free plans available.

diy cedar fence picket planter free plans

Planters can get pricey especially tall big ones but not when you DIY!  I built this cedar fence picket planter for about $10 and you can too with free plans here.

I hope you've had a productive building year too, it's fun to look back at all the things we've made, produced and accomplished over the year.  Stay with me for 2017, I have high hopes it will only get better!


Friday, December 23, 2016

DIY Tabletop Ice Cream Parlor

Happy Friday before Christmas and yes there is still time to make gifts!  Today Ana White and I are sharing this tabletop ice cream parlor that takes about 30 minutes to build.

diy tabletop ice cream parlor

I made the ice cream cones from precut wood shapes from the craft store, easy peasy and you have the cutest gift for that ice cream lover on your list!

handbuilt holiday gift plans

It's been so much fun bringing you all the Handbuilt Holiday gift plans this year.  Today is the last post for the 2016 series and I'm always a bit sad because I truly love making and sharing the plans for all these amazing projects.

handbuilt holiday gift plans

Ana White and I collaborate on each and every project to make the plans available to all our readers and we are very proud of all the gift ideas we have put out over the past three years.

Today is no exception and it's also a simple build that can be made using scrap 1x4 wood pieces.

diy tabletop ice cream parlor

Drill a few holes for the awning posts and ice cream cones and you are good to go.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Kids Toolbox Workshop

When you love building and making things like I do you tend to want to share that passion with anyone who is interested.  I recently had the chance to teach a kids toolbox workshop for our school Christmas Fair and I thought I'd share the details with you! 

kids toolbox workshop

The organizers of the Christmas Fair asked if I could put together a 'Santa's Workshop' whereby the kids could build and make something to give as a gift or keep for themselves.  We used The Home Depot wooden toolbox kit for our project and the kids got busy hammering and painting.

santa's workshop kids build and paint a toolbox

I placed this sandwich board style sign out front along with a sample of the toolbox to entice kids to join us in Santa's Workshop.

The actual assembly of the wooden toolbox does require adult assistance but once it was ready the kids absolutely loved painting their toolboxes:

kids workshop toolbox

kids workshop wooden toolbox kit

Each attendee received the wooden toobox kit and I provided the hammers to borrow.

Santa's workshop build and paint a toolbox

We set up the workshop in a classroom adajcent to the cafeteria where all the kids games were located.  I painted this large sign above on kraft paper to help promote the workshop and guide attendees to the right spot.

kids workshop kits at The Home Depot

There are many options for kids workshop kits in addition to the toolbox: